Privacy Policy

Friday Packaging cautiously secure the personal data of its customers. We do not expose, share, or provide our clients' details to a mediator for selling or any other purpose. This Privacy Policy leads to all the basic and inclusive information about how Friday Packaging manages its operations and enriches you about collecting and using information that you provide to us. The policy would also involve guidelines on how you can reach out and change the information provided to Friday Packaging.

Handling Related to Information

Friday Packaging takes the responsibility of information on the website; there is no other person involved to expose our client details. The details seized from our website users at different stages are solely for processing orders, answering questions, and sending product promos and other marketing collateral; moreover, we use the contact information to strengthen your website experience with us. However, we reserve the right to reveal your details if enforced by law, such as if obligatory for a court proceeding, judicial purposes, or any other authentic issue. We can also cooperate with other party sources to get extra customer data to combine it with the present one to boost our marketing struggles. We send a one-time email to the prospect that too after asking for our valued clients' email address for referral assistance.

Getting Registered on the Website

If you want to get our amenities, the website's registration form should be filled in thoroughly with the complete information and email address. We will get back to a visitor even if the order has not been placed or processed. Credit card details are taken only if the user is interested in placing the order.

Our Marketing Twist

We do not want to disturb our clients with too many bothering emails. Special packages and discount deals and newsletters are sent to our clients at one or two times, but if they choose to unsubscribe, we will not be sending any promotional emails.

Client Communication

Clients are kept in touch regularly to fulfill their order requests. Our manufacturing crew and customer support team use customers' contact details to reach out to them for settling issues and forwarding concerns related to orders.

Our Social Media Setup

Our website has social media options on it, clicking on any of these will prepare us to know your IP address and the category page you are visiting. Cookies power social media tabs, and social media interactions may be taken care of by other resources or us. Your interactions are subjected to the other party's privacy policy if it is managing the social media features on our site.

Specifications Related to Blog and Testimonial Sections

Our blog is easy to get and reachable for everyone. All the information you provide on the blog in the form of comments can be read, used and copied by anyone. Testimonials are taken from the clients after asking for their authorization to publish their names and other details. Friday Packaging doesn’t take any responsibility for the personally identifiable information in the testimonial section; you can delete and change your testimonial by following the proper method, as mentioned on our website.

Use of Cookies and other Technology Tools

A cookie on the website is utilized to get your IP address and we use these to classify users who are new to the website, cookies also guide us in sorting out users’ files and offering you a more personalized experience. These cookies can be removed by going into your browser settings. However, by deleting cookies you can’t approach the whole of our website. Apart from that our partners and we use other technology tools as well to gather the demographics and psychographics of users to supervise the website better and keep a track on the varying users’ directions. Our emails are HTML based on visible GIFs that allow us to know which emails are being opened by the recipients. This comforts us to analyse our various email marketing campaigns' capability, if you don’t want to get these emails, simply unsubscribe. Other parties manage targeted ads on our website; these are based on behavioural advertising. You can ask us if you don’t want to receive such ads. We can help our clients in every aspect.

Secure your Personal Data

Friday Packaging understands the priority of personal details. The sensitive data handed over to us by our customers. We therefore take all the imperative measures to protect your details. Industry stands security procedures are available on our website through our browser. Your credit card and financial data are supported by a secure socket layer technology that ordinary people can't read even at our company. Any email which is not encrypted is not protective; you are advised not to send any confidential details through unencrypted emails.

Links to other Websites

Friday Packaging might be linked to other websites; however, we do not take responsibility for other web pages' privacy concerns. Therefore, we motivate you to go through the privacy policies of these websites when you are reviewing them. This Privacy Policy is entirely for the use and collection of information for Friday Packaging.

Refurbishment on Changes

Any changes created to our Privacy Policy would be amended on the homepage and other website areas that we realize essential. Our customers know what sort of information we collect, how these are being utilized, and under what circumstances we reserve the right to expose the information. User details would be utilized according to the Privacy Policy under which we collect data. If the user data would be used in any other way other than the mentioned way, we will have a clear-cut notice posted on our website before it came into effect. If you have deleted your details or deactivated your account, you will not get any kind of email regarding this; neither your details will be used in any way.

Right to make Changes, Delete and Update Information

We provide you the right to change your details; if you don’t want to use our services, you can tweak, update your information, or simply ask us to delete/deactivate your account. You can send us an email on the mentioned address in Contact Us. We will get back to you within a substantial timeline. User information is saved only if the account is active or we are offering you services. We will maintain your information if necessary, for legal responsibilities, resolve problems, and comply with the agreements.