What is Ecommerce Packaging? Why Most Businesses Move Towards it

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What is Ecommerce Packaging? Why Most Businesses Move Towards it

Selling products online can be a great way to reach many potential customers. But one of the most important things that you need for your store to succeed is attractive packaging design because 60% of all respondents in the recent.

Dotcom Distribution report said they would share images on social media if they thought it looked nice. That could increase sales and improve profits as 10% more people buy from you after seeing what others have purchased and shared their experience with friends.

Many e-commerce store owners think that having eye-catching product designs is unimportant when running an online business. Though this may be true about some aspects, did you know that up to 60% percent or so influencers might use photographs from these stores?

In this article, we will explain to you what is e-commerce packaging will help you to learn about this niche.

Packaging Is More Than Just a Cardboard Box

With the rise of e-commerce, many packaging companies focus on designing efficient delivery packaging that will shape brand perception. By transforming consumers into social media ambassadors for their brands and making them feel like they have "earned" something special because they purchased it themselves online, these packages can impact both customer retention and marketing efforts.

The importance of designing great-looking shipping or delivering bags is not lost when we're talking about growth in popularity amongst those who opt-out from shopping at physical stores altogether.

Packaging Is More Than Just a Cardboard Box

The Essential Part Packaging Plays in E-commerce

With the increasing availability of online shopping, you can buy just about anything on your phone. One item that is frequently ordered and delivered to customers is clothes. However, what if these clothing items come in packages too big for them? Sometimes this will result in sending a tiny product such as jeans or underwear inside an oversize box - which people find amusing.

Fortunately, there's usually nothing damaging within the package itself, so it's safe to say people have some experience receiving large boxes from Amazon (or another popular retailer).

Unboxing something is an exceptional experience. It's an exhilarating moment - the anticipation of what lies within, the excitement as you tear away at wrapping paper and foil to unveil your purchase which could be anything from groceries or shoes or even lingerie. But for many consumers, regardless of whether they're purchasing items online or not-the thrill ends there.

If it arrives in excellent condition, that means good business; if it doesn't, then all those grueling hours spent meticulously packaging up individual orders have been wasted on sending returns back anyway, so why bother? The truth is this: well, thought out e-commerce packaging can help minimize volume (and cost) return rates by making sure goods are packaged snugly enough to get through any rough handling during shipment.

It may even end up with your packaging getting thousands of views on YouTube in an "unboxing video." Your boxed goods can be a hit worldwide if you know how to use them, and that's just one way- some companies will pay for their packaging shots, too, so they're able to build brand awareness by strengthening customer connection through visuals online or offline. That means that there are multiple benefits from having great-looking product packing because it protects what's inside and helps increase its desirability.

7 Incredible Stats on the Importance of E-commerce Packaging

7 Incredible Stats on the Importance of E-commerce Packaging

The importance of e-commerce has never been more pronounced. With the explosion in purchases, attention is now being given to packaging by savvy online businesses, which resulted in research that pointed out a few significant findings:

  1. Most of the time, people form opinions on a brand within 7 seconds. Unfortunately, these impressions are difficult to change after that initial period is over and usually stay with them for life.
  2. A study was conducted on consumers and their opinions of packaging. It has been shown that 10% think the package is almost as important to them as the brand itself, with 12% claiming it's close behind in importance.
  3. Online sellers that pay due attention to their packaging have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest on average.
  4. The U.S. and U.K. are the only two countries left in the world that still use cardboard packaging for most of their products, but they do so to a monumental degree with almost no other material being used at all.
  5. In the final stages of packing, it's important to remember that a slower shipping time can deter approximately 40% of consumers from making their purchases.
  6. The customer will be very grateful if you offer them a service that is not usually provided. If they know there are certain things, which might make their lives easier and more convenient, then chances are the order value of your average sale may increase by as much as 30%.
  7. A recent report found that 52% of online shoppers will more likely return to a company for future orders if they receive their order in custom packaging.

The reality is that your packaging will always have a post office box imprint on it. Why not use this to give shoppers an informative message about the product they are purchasing?

A good rule of thumb when using these types of messages for shipping labels, like 'This package contains one pair' or 'Weighs 5 lbs.', can also be added.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction from the Start

The first interaction with your business is a significant opportunity to impress. Make sure you are sending the best package possible, like our new 3D packaging.

The e-commerce orders that come into your online shop have 7 seconds at most for someone who has never heard of or seen it before- and those 7 seconds should be enough time to make them feel welcome in what could eventually become their favorite store.

Our newly developed technology displays images on both sides so customers can see exactly how awesome an item looks while still keeping everything inside safe from damage during the shipping process.

It is always essential to make sure that the box arrives in one piece, but it can also be an excellent opportunity for your business. There has been an increase of unboxing videos on YouTube because customers want more than just getting their parcel delivered--they now eagerly await how they will feel when opening and seeing what's inside the package.

Clever branding, personalization, and even making your customer feel valued are all things you should consider doing with this situation where there isn't any damage done to look out for.

It's crucial that the packaging is done carefully, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing. You would not want to hand off a shoddy-looking box with busted corners and taped upsides in person because what if you are dealing with customers who have just spent hundreds of pounds?

Brand Values, Proposition, and Position Within the Market

Brand Values, Proposition, and Position Within the Market

If you're not investing in your packaging, then it's time to do so. Packaging is an extension of the brand that could be seen as more important than anything else! Your company should take full advantage of this opportunity by using its package design to convey what they are about and how their products can make the customer feel great - use colors or even shapes for a personalized touch!

Packaging also has the power to prevent consumers from buying goods at low-quality retailers who don't care enough about quality control or presentation; instead, customers will only buy items if they find them aesthetically pleasing on top of meeting all safety standards.

The packaging for Apple products is fantastic and tactile that you will know the second your hand touches it. The outside of their packages is sturdy, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and tactile because of how durable they feel in your hands. This quality matches perfectly with what else you may purchase from them; high-end luxury goods like iPods or Mac Books.

Boosting Customer Lifetime Worth

Retailers have a lot to consider when it comes to packaging. For example, the output tone of voice should be Informative and provide detailed instructions about how retail stores can create a compelling package for their products to want them.

You can't underestimate an excellent piece of packaging when it comes to marketing. Not only does the design help customers find your product in a sea of other products, but successful packaging is more likely to prompt word-of-mouth advertising - which has been proven as one of the oldest and most effective means for promotions.

Almost Every Order is Sent in Cardboard Boxes

Almost Every Order is Sent in Cardboard Boxes

E-commerce packaging material includes cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, etc. But Cardboard boxes are one of the most tedious and straightforward products that we use daily. Cardboard is often seen as an ordinary, uninteresting product; however, there's both a challenge and opportunity in it because people don't usually care about what cardboard box, they put their food into or how much garbage they create, which means you can make them more attractive without any real effort.

If your competitors are using standard brown boxes with nothing special about them at all, then you can still be the best option out there. You could offer eco-friendly packaging or luxury items to ensure that people know they're shopping for something different from what everyone else is doing.

If your competition has not yet created a striking feature in their box design and labeling of goods, don't fret.

We all know that a company's brand is one of the most critical aspects of its success, and developing it can be crucial for business growth.

Many people don't realize, though, how they should go about doing this to get ahead - which might even mean placing orders with your competitors so that you can see what their strategy looks like.

30% Extra Spend if Delivery is Free

<30% Extra Spend if Delivery is Free

Shipping costs can be huge for businesses. Even if you are only paying 20, 30, or even 50 pence per box throughout a thousand orders, this can add up to a high cost. What is more, the size of your package can also make a big difference to your shipping costs.

For example, with volumetric pricing (or by weight), it may not matter how many items are in one package as long as they weigh less than 10kgs. So those pesky heavier pieces that don't fit into standard-sized boxes will cost significantly less to ship, and we know that bulk ordering saves on postage prices too, which could work out cheaper overall.

It is vital to have the correct size box for your order and balance it with a sensible unit price. It may be tempting to pass on this shipping cost, but statistics show that doing so could seriously hamper growth prospects.

Slow Shipping Time Let Down Customers

In a world where everyone is busy and time-sensitive, it can be easy to forget that packing orders take up valuable person-hours. While you should have robust processes in place for picking e-commerce orders, the actual task of packaging them can often go overlooked too - which isn't good when trying to reduce lead times on delivery. Keep this in mind next time.

If you want your customers to have the option of receiving their items delivered on time, it's essential that what they order is packaged and shipped as quickly as possible. 

If this means picking up several boxes for packaging or using a difficult-to-assemble box due to size constraints, then so be it - don't forget about how helpful packing tape can be when sealing those packages! You'll need something strong enough to withstand any shipping mishaps while also not being too complicated (or messy) for whoever has ordered your products in the first place.

Custom Packaging Drives Reliability

Custom Packaging Drives Reliability

It's a well-known fact that people enjoy receiving gifts in their packaging, and now we have proof.

A recent study shows that over half of consumers who received custom packaged items would use the same company for future orders. That itself is a hugely strong argument for at least considering custom e-commerce packages - what are you waiting on?

With custom packaging, you can ship your product for a lower price. With customized boxes and containers that fit the size of your product exactly, there is less volume to transport, which eliminates shipping costs in turn. That means more money is saved with each shipment.

Customized packages also protect any movement during transit, meaning no breakage or spills will occur while being shipped across country lines-or even just around town! Finally: making it environmentally friendly by limiting material usage and eliminating secondary packing (foam pellets or polystyrene) All make this an appealing solution for businesses everywhere looking to save time and money on their next order.

When you are the first to respond, your customer feels as though they have listened and that their thoughts matter. Is it any wonder that customers who feel valued by a company will more likely enjoy doing business with them?

Last Verdict

There's more to your e-commerce packaging than meets the eye. Not only does it have considerable potential for increasing sales and establishing customer loyalty, but it also has an equally significant impact on business success! So don't overlook this marketing tactic; take advantage of all that is possible with elegantly designed packages from an authentic packaging company.