Packing VS Packaging- What is the Major Difference?

katrine Smith

Packing VS Packaging- What is the Major Difference?

Packing and packaging - both are believed to be the same terms. However, even having the same root, these two differ from each Packing VS Packaging other. They play a vital role in the field of marketing and are utilized for covering or wrapping the products. 

The packing of a product is more about its protection from external harm and harsh environmental factors. But packaging has more in store for a product. It secures the goods and focuses on the design and appearance, which makes the items more attractive and appealing.

Key Difference Between Packing and Packaging

Following are the points that mark the difference between packing and packaging.



Packing is just utilized for the wrapping of the products and their transportation.

Packaging has a two-fold significance. It does secure the products but also is utilized for making the products look enchanting and has great marketing importance.
Packing is about only covering the products into a case or a container. It is not used to showcase the products on the shelf. Hence, having no place in marketing or promoting the items. Packaging includes designing, labeling and is vital to boost sales and increase brand visibility.
It has limited use; for instance, goods can be packed for transportation, moving to a new house, and for other domestic uses. Packaging is used for packing, protecting goods while marketing, and labeling them at the same time.
Packing is only used for the purpose of protection. Packaging is used as a marketing tool to make sure promotion and brand prominence with labeling, etc.

Definition of Packaging

Definition of Packaging

Packaging is the harmonized system of packing products for shipping, storage, logistic, and sale. It is not only confined to the protection of the products but also pays attention to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages. 

It is said that the packaging industry has boomed more than the content, and it is the packaging that actually attracts the attention of potential customers. Therefore, packaging holds significant importance in the world of retail marketing. 

Packaging is an integral part of the products; it makes them noticeable, enticing, and visually attractive. It is the driving force of making your brand known in the vast market. It is communicative and is a strong selling tool for your goods. Hence, it can easily be said that packaging has a high position in business, institutional, industrial, and all other markets.

Why Is Packaging Important?

In recent years, packaging has become a major part of marketing and promoting products. Good packaging of your products makes them unique and distinguished in the market and helps to make your brand noticeable in the pool of competitors.

Following are some of the reasons why packaging is considered important for your brand. 

Silent Salesman 

Packaging plays the role of a silent salesman. With the rise in popularity of self-service stores and supermarkets, the only thing that can sell your product is attractive packaging. It speaks for the products and helps in the promotion of your brand. 

The all-inclusive packaging of your goods helps the buyers in making an informed decision. It not only secures your products but also captures the fancy of the customers.

Packaging Design

The custom packaging allows you to design it in accordance with your products. The design and custom printing allure the customers, and they get to know about the product only through the packaging. 


Packaging protects your goods from any kind of external and internal harm. In addition, it secures your products from packaging shippinghazards and harsh environmental factors. Therefore, the basic purpose of packaging is first to protect the products and then play its role in promotional considerations. 

Speaks for Your Brand 

Through packaging, you can depict your brand's story by using different kinds of illustrations and designs. Moreover, you can sell your product by using different customization, finishing styles, and adding embellishments to the packaging. 

Other Attributes 

  • Helps in enhancing sales 
  • Helps in warehousing
  • Promotes your brand 
  • Good packaging makes your product distinguished 
  • Helps in boosting profitability
  • Secure your product from any kind of damage 
  • It works as a means for advertising and sales promotion 
  • Aesthetic Value
  • Convenient and adaptable

What is Packing?

What is Packing?

The use of packing is limited in nature. It is used for wrapping or covering items and is used for transportation purposes. It is basically connected with the shipping industry and has no role in the marketing and promotion of the products. 

It is used for household use, medical situation, the food industry, and many more. Packing is a part of the packaging and is utilized to prevent the product from any kind of damage, leakage, pilferage, and breakage. In addition, it keeps the goods intact and secure during transportation.

The main difference between packing and packaging is that the role of packaging is broader than that of packing. And packing is just an integral part of the packaging. So, both are relatable but have different roles to play. 

The Functions of Packing 

Packing has diverse functions to play. Some of them are as follow:

Packing is the materials that are used to pack and protect items in a container. 

It is used to store and deliver the items.

  • Used for different household purposes. Read more: Moving and Packing Tips
  • It plays a major role in the food industry, for instance, to cover food like meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. 
  • Though packing has vital roles and functions, it differs from packaging in a way that it has no marketing value. It covers the products but holds no importance in their promotion and marketing. 

Why Businesses Moving Towards Packaging over Packing?

Packing and packaging, though they vary in their roles but are two sides of the same coin. Packing is the process of wrapping goods in the container to have them delivered safely. On the other hand, the packaging is a process of designing and customization, which eventually acts as a promotional tool. 

Enterprises are moving towards packaging owing to various reasons. In recent years, there has been a huge demand of eco-friendly packaging and customers are more inclined to buy products that are packed in ecological packaging.

Moreover, the customization of the packaging allows the companies to showcase their products in an effective manner. It plays a vital role in promoting your brand among your target clientele.

Packaging curtails designing, identifying the brand, marketing the product, protecting the product, and making it convenient for usage and handling. In contrast, packing is utilized for covering the product for storage and transit purposes. 

The main purpose of packing is to ensure safety, but the packaging, is also used for product promotion, identification of brand, increase profitability, and labeling, etc. 

To Sum Things Up

Packing and packaging are both considered necessary in logistic management. They ensure the protection of the products and ascertain that the products reach their destination safely.

However, both differ from each other on some levels. For example, packing protects the goods, while the packaging is all-inclusive and has manifolds advantages. 

The packaging of the products holds a great significance in the contemporary era. The customized packaging makes your products distinguished and unique in the market.

Therefore, it is vital in terms of marketing and promoting your brand. Hence, packaging and packing both are significant in terms of the safety of the products. But in retail marketing, the greater the packaging is, the greater in earning and brand visibility.