How to Measure Box Dimensions? Complete Guide

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How to Measure Box Dimensions? Complete Guide

Many companies now realize the importance of custom packaging and shipping goods in an environmentally sound manner. Consumers are more inclined towards green packaging, and over the past few years, this sort of packaging has been the talk of the market.

This has become a major driving force for e-commerce and retail stores to utilize right-sized packaging for shipping purposes. Right-sizing your package means cutting down on the number of unnecessary materials used when shipping by creating smaller sized packages instead of large ones, which take up space in landfills or warehouses where they are stored after use without being recycled properly.

By using the right-sized packaging dimensions, you can lower transportation costs while also supporting sustainability. To avail of the perfectly measured boxes, you need to consult the packaging company that caters to your packaging requirements in an efficient manner. 

The accurate measurement of a box is not as simple as it seems. It is the major part of the packaging process, and you need to be very careful while communicating your packaging dimensions to avoid any kind of setback.

We shall be discussing the ways to measure box dimensions and how you can make the packaging process convenient and easier.

How to Measure Package Dimensions?

How to Measure Package Dimensions?

We all know that sometimes it gets tricky to measure packaging boxes. We can help you in making this process simpler by inculcating some easy-to-remember points.

Interior and Exterior Dimensions of a Box


There are two sets of dimensions for each box, which is why it can be confusing to pick out the right one. The interior dimension determines how big your product will fit inside. This dimension can be custom-made or can be available in the standard industry size.

For shipping, always measure the internal dimensions of your box to ensure you are ordering cartons with enough space. It is important that there be at least 5mm between each score for bubble wrap or other padding material in case it's needed later for transit purposes.

Identifying the three dimensions that are the length, width, and height of a box, can help you determine its size. The length is always the longest side, which has an opening (flap). Width also contains a flap, but it's shorter than that on the length and will close over depth rather than height. Depth must be measured between the top and bottom scores for this type of box to figure out how tall it will be.

How to Measure the Inner Side of a Box?

How to Measure the Inner Side of a Box?

When measuring the dimensions of a box, you should start by positioning it in front with its interior facing up. Draw lines at each score where the panels fold to create different sections and mark two scores that makeup length, width, and depth.

Then use your tape measure to find out how long they are by measuring from edge-to-edge between these scores that make up those measurements as close as possible without going over but not too short either. These measurements will be used to calculate the inner sides of the boxes.

How to Measure the Exterior Side of a Box?

How to Measure the Exterior Side of a Box?

To calculate the exterior dimensions of a box, take your tape measure and start by measuring the length. Add to that number all three measurements for width, depth, and height, respectively, with an additional measurement in inches taken from one corner of each side or edge while temporarily holding it up against another surface.

Once you have these four numbers (length x width x height), they need to be added together but converted into the decimal form so any fractional part can be easily ignored (-1/16th inch becomes 0). These measurements will then be utilized to calculate the package girth of the box.

Important Things to Consider in Measuring a Box

It will help if you make sure that the dimensions taken on the flat flaps are not necessarily indicative of how much space you will have when opening up your box. Once the package is folded and sealed, there may be barely any room left for storing items because some of it has been taken up by folds in the material around corners or flaps, which must fold down as well. This area where materials overlap is called "scoring allowances" within packaging industry terminology.

It is vital to consider the size of your product when designing a custom packaging design. Custom packaging providers can produce boxes based on any requirements that you provide them with, considering cushioning and protection space for each item. To do this, the experienced packaging company would need accurate measurements of all sides of your package - including

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth (length).

The packaging providers typically require one or more samples before manufacturing products; please be sure to prepare these materials in advance, so there are no delays once production has begun.

Box Measurement for Shipping

For the measurement of the boxes for shipping purposes, you need to take into account the following formula:

Identify the Length

Make sure to input the length of your package by measuring from one corner of the longest side.

Define the Girth

Now you can measure your package width by using a ruler; start by measuring the width of the box in inches and rounding it up to the nearest inch (e.g., if it is 3 1/4", then round that number down to 3"). Then multiply this measurement times 2 for total dimensions or length x height). Now do the same with height as described before but instead use 'height' rather than 'width.' Next, add these two numbers together, and you will have measured your girth.

Addition of Length and Width

Your package size is a measurement of length and girth. Simply add the two measurements together for your total, then weigh this to find out its actual weight.

What is an Average Size Shipping Packaging?

Shipping boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the shipping box is not as big an issue for business owners as it once was. These days you can find any size or shape needed to make sure that your customers are happy with their purchase. You can have custom-made shipping boxes that align with your product's needs and requirements.

The Final Word

No matter if you need a box to house an oddly-shaped item or something more substantial, there's always the right solution.

You have many things to think about when selecting a shipping box for your product: what size it needs to be and whether protection is necessary are just two of them. It is important that you pick the appropriate type of carrier and how much cushioning will make sure your customer has their items in pristine condition when they unbox everything from start to finish.

The shipping boxes are there for you to buy and have delivered, but if you want an easier way out of this, then all that needs to be done is a quick search on the internet. You can choose from different packaging companies that offer their services in a cost-effective manner.

So, measure your boxes away and find the exclusive most packaging for your products.